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Naomi Meets the Wolf

''We are the facilitators to our own creative evolution'' - Bill Hicks


Originating from the 'Green-woods' of Yorkshire and spending most my life living in the Lake District,

one of my all time passions is nature & wildness! 

The land and seas ever changing, untamed beauty, its heights and depths, vast limitless colour, its ability to makes you feel so small, yet connected to it all... its unrivalled intelligence to learn, grow and evolve - its capacity to awaken the soul.


As a child I spent most my time adventuring in the great outdoors, making potions for fairies and playing  imaginary games in the garden... 

(if I had my way I would still be doing this now!)

I believe with such an enthusiasm for nature and all the artistry it displays, it isn't a wonder that my next affinity is with art and design, working with colour and textures, bringing ideas to life and creating aesthetically pleasing pieces. 

My past work and training has been of a therapeutic nature, ultimately wanting to run an outdoor based growing forum... for people not plants to be clear. This will happen in its own good time and I have faith the route I choose will always end up at the right place for me.


Currently I am a mother  of two wonderous children and wife to a kind, loving husband.

I really do have a lot to be thankful for...

but things didn't always feel like this, especially when I first moved to Bath from the Lake District. Feelings of emptiness and anguish were bubbling up regularly. After sometime of trying to ignore or blaming them on myself and others I decided to turn around and face these feelings and started to use them as a guide.


'nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know'' - Pema Chodren

I found Mindfulness really useful and for me it was a way of not stopping these unwanted thoughts and feeling but befriending them and getting to know these parts of me safely whilst grounded in my body and breath.

By engaging with every part of me and not rejected the perceived 'bad bits' I could start living as a whole person rooted yet flowing.

One day whilst meditating an idea sprang up and greeted me, it was incredibly organic and seemed to immediately give me energy to pursue. The idea was Whimsical Wolf - not much more at that stage but I knew I wanted to find out where it might go!

 I sat down and created the wolf, she was a she, she loved dancing under the stars, wearing flowers in her hair and of course howling at the full moon. I loved her straight away! So an image was drawn then painted and a start was made. More and more ideas flooded my mind ... the inspiration was flowing and soon I was forming the basis for a viable business.


It connected me back into the enjoyment of organising my own wedding, which was held in a sunny meadow with music, fun, campfires, dancing and much more ...  could I possibly take elements of this and apply it to my own business?

Yes was the answer.


Unknowingly what I had been missing was space, space to be creative and free, space filled with wonder, beauty, wildness,  nature, light, somewhere to relax, laugh, feel special and somehow a deep knowing had  innovated and created exactly that... 


And why Whimsical Wolf? Well because we all have our own wolf, its our desires our spirit, expression and motivation , its our alive awakeness! I personally have many wolves all very different and all very me - this so happens to be my fanciful, curious, quirky wolf, fun and playful, wild and free. 

Whimsical Wolf is a platform I created to utilitse both passions and to use them in a way which will allow a healthier work life balance within my family - it brings me happiness and I hope it will bring some happiness and joy to your special occasion too.


It was made from a good place, designed and created with love and excitement and I hope that energy makes it way to you also! Enjoy x



Whimsical Wolf

Vintage Prop & Decoration Hire

Weddings - Events - Special Occasions

Based in Bath Somerset 

Owner Naomi Greenwood White